Welcome to the Northwest Pathfinder Society!

This is the online home of the Northwest Pathfinder Society, or NWPFS. We are the Seattle / Western Washington regional group of the Pathfinder Society, an international organized play campaign for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. This site is a place for players, GMs, and PFS officers to plan and discuss local events and game days as well as just chat about the game in general.

The regional officers and coordinators welcome your questions and feedback. Feel free to send an email any time.

Venture Officers

Louis Manko-Levite Venture-Captain, NW Washington
Larry Smith Venture-Captain, SW Washington
Tony Lindman Conventions, Special Events, NWPFS web site
Sean Cunningham Eastside
Jonathan Ng Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Game Coordinators




  • Bellingham – Doug Benson (zfolks1)
  • Lynnwood – Justin A Hobrock (Revin)