Let’s Play Cafe moving to Friday nights

The weekly game in Monroe is moving from Saturday to Friday evening. If you’re looking for a Friday night game, watch the Monroe forum!

Legacy of the Stonelords – Player Sign up open!

I have lots of GMs, now I need players! Go to Warhorn.net and create an account if you don’t already have one. Then visit the page for the event and pick a table by clicking the “Play button”

Sign up now!

Legacy of the Stonelords! Help select the date!

It’s time for another big multi-table special at Mox Boardinghouse! The first step is to pick a date, so please mark each date you would be available, either as GM or player. I will pick the date with the most votes.

Mox needs us to take a spot on the calendar soon, so I’d like to have responses by the November 21st. I will then put out a call for GMs.

Log into the forum and vote!

Changes to the forums

To help make the forums more logical for new and old members alike, I’m making a few small changes.

First, the “Local Area Discussions” topic is now titled “Local Game Planning and Signups“. This is where coordinators post planning and signup threads for their locations.

Second, I have added a Home Games and Private Events topic. This is a place to post conversations about Seeker group planning and small private games (like a birthday party or holiday gathering at your home). Threads here don’t even have to be about PFS.

Happy gaming!

Games & Gizmos Friday night games cancelled as of November 1

The owner of G&G has informed us that as of November 1, we will no longer be able to reserve tables on Friday night for PFS. Friday night Magic is a significant income for them, and those two tables are needed for that. Friday, October 30, will be the last Friday night game there.

Note this does not affect the Wednesday night games.

If anyone knows of a location we could talk to for a Friday night game to replace G&G, please contact one of your venture officers.

Geek Girl Con – October 10-11

Once again, Pathfinder Society will be at Geek Girl Con on October 10 and 11, in the gaming area.
We’ll be running demos of the new Phantom Phenomenon quests all weekend, and we’ll try to do some Adventure Card Game demos, too.

If you’re interested in volunteering, see the thread in the Special Events forum for the call for GMs and contact information.

“Night of Ashes” production in Portland – Nov 27-29

Ed Healy of Gamerati pointed me at this.

From their web page:

“Night of Ashes” takes place during the events immediately preceding In Hell’s Bright Shadow, the first adventure in Hell’s Rebels. Working with the Paizo team, we are using NPCs, locations and plot points from the Adventure Path to recreate the traumatic events leading up to Barzillai Thrune’s take over of the city of Kintargo.

The show centers on a young Hellknight who is conflicted between her commitment to the Law and her commitment to her City. When Grand Inquisitor Thrune orders her companion killed and an entire Opera Company arrested alongside a young Baron, she is forced to keep the actors from further harm and lead them to safety. The survival of this small band intermingle with the machinations of the arch villain of the Adventure Path.

The show will be as audience interactive as possible and feature steel on steel fight choreography by an award-winning local fight choreographer.

Ed is organizing a carpool group to go there on the 29th. For more information, check out his meetup page.

PFS at Tacoma Mall!

I am pleased to announce that we have another recurring PFS game in Tacoma! Adam Watson (kithral) is hosting a biweekly game at Uncle’s Games in the Tacoma Mall (4502 South Steele Street, 157A, Tacoma, WA 98409; (253) 473-8499). Due to the mall’s closing time, this is an early session: 4:30 to 9:00pm.

The next session is this week, September 10th. Signups are in the Tacoma forums.

Thanks for the new game, Adam!

Ultimate Combat errata / reprint

Ultimate Combat has gone into third printing, and as always that comes with errata.  Here are some useful links:

The change log document showing what was affected

Jason Buhlman’s post about the errata and the process behind it

John Compton’s post about rebuilds and retraining due to the changes

Discussion here on the NWPFS forums

Also, if you own the PDF of the book, the updated version has been added to your downloads.


Once again, PAX is upon us from August 28th through the 31st.  This is a big event for Paizo and GMs from NWPFS are a big part of it.  While we will not be running PFS scenarios, we will have the 1 hour demos that debuted at GenCon, as well as demos of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. If you’re at PAX, drop by and say hello.

If you are coming here for the first time as a result of meeting us at PAX, welcome!  Visit the pages here for more information, and feel free to register for our forums if you’d like to get involved in Pathfinder Society.

As always, anyone is welcome to contact myself or any of the officers with any questions.  Contact information is on the About NWPFS page.