Jet City Comic Show (Nov 4-5)

NWPFS will be hosting Pathfinder Society and Starfinder society events (including both quests and scenarios) at the Jet City Comic Show.

To reserve your seats, please sign up at Do it now, and play the scenarios you want. Initial sign-up is limited to 3 players per table.

GMs, please sign up on to GM your assigned sessions. (If you forgot, see the schedule below.)

To purchase tickets to attend, go to the Jet City Comic Show website. Event tickets are $20 for the whole weekend, $15 for Saturday-only, and $10 for Sunday-only.

Our thanks to TerraCrux Games owner Douglas Wheeler and the organizers of the Jet City Comic Show for making this all possible.

For a list of the scenarios being offered, see VC Larry Smith’s post in the forums. You can also email him at if you have any issues.