Gamerati Game Day in Tacoma – 9/24/2016

Gamerati, Sponsored by Panda Game Manufacturing
Saturday, September 24 from 9:00am to 9:00pm
602 North Orchard Street at the corner of 6th Avenue in Tacoma, WA 98406.

To reserve a seat at your preferred table, you can sign up now at Warhorn.

You must have a Gamerati Membership Card to attend this event. Please visit and sign up for a $10/month membership. You can also purchase a one-month membership at the door for $20.

For more information about the event’s many other activities, visit the Gamerati website.

Schedule of Pathfinder Events
Saturday, September 24, 2016

PFS Quest Honor’s Echo: Larry S.
Table 1 GM: Adam W., #8-01 Portent’s Peril (Tiers 1-5)
Table 2 GM: Mark O., #8-02 Ward Asunder (Tiers 3-7)
Table 3 GM: Michael L., #8-03 Captives of Toil (Tiers 5-9)
PACG Table GM: Tyler R., Demos & Adventures

PFS Quest Honor’s Echo Larry S.
Table 1 GM: Pat L., PFS Quest: The Silverhex Chronicles
Table 2 GM: Jon B., PFS Quest: Phantom Phenomena
PACG Table GM: Jimi M., Demos & Adventures

PFS Quest Honor’s Echo: Larry S.
Table 1 GM: Tyler R., #7-07 Trouble in Tamran (Tiers 1-5)
Table 2 GM: Yoshi G., #7-25 Orders from the Gate (Tiers 5-9)
Table 3 GM: Carrie G., #7-27 Beyond Azlant Ridge (Tiers 3-7)
PACG Table GM: Adam W., Demos & Adventures