New PFS weekly game in Kent!

David Light has volunteered to start coordinating a weekly game at Blind Dragon Hobbies in Kent.  With this addition, there is now a PFS game every day of the week somewhere in Western Washington.  Thanks, David!

Sign up threads will be in the South Side forum. Check it out!

Updates to ARG and ACG

For those who haven’t heard, both the Advanced Class Guide and Advanced Race Guide have had recent errata.

The Advanced Race Guide is now in its second printing. If you own the PDF, you should have received an email from Paizo letting you know you can download the update. You can also see what changed by downloading the free errata document from the product page.

The Advanced Class Guide second printing PDF doesn’t seem to be available yet, but the errata document is posted on its product page.

Some of the changes, particularly in ACG, are fairly large. Slashing Grace got a major change, and because of it John Compton is allowing more generous than usual retraining/rebuilding.

Read carefully, and if you have any questions, just ask!

Season 7 Guide now available!

The Season 7 guide, newly renamed the “Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide”, is now available. Check out the blog for a quick rundown of the changes, and download your copy today! Remember, all players are expected to have read the guide and follow the rules inside.

Check out the blog!

Facelift for the site!

If you are reading this, you have discovered the facelift for NWPFS.

For some time, I have been asked to make the site more accessible for new users and make things like our calendar and locations easier to find. This is the result!

This home page will feature new announcements, useful links, and whatever else seems to fit this format better than the forum.

For existing members, the forum can be found through a link at the top.  I do ask that you make a habit of visiting this home page at least once a week to watch for special announcements and any updates.

New members please check out the links in the sidebar for how to get started.

As always, if you have comments or suggestions, email me or send me a private message on the forums.

Good gaming!

-Tony Lindman (VC)